Thursday, 2 July 2009

It's Too Hot!

Well I never thought I'd say it but having just returned from the Maldives, I now find myself saying that it's far too hot at home!

Why oh why do we say these things, when we spend the rest of the year complaining that it's not warm enough!!!

Night times are just a nightmare, you end up taking a shower to cool off and it's fine as long as you remain in the shower but as soon as you step out, here we go again, time to sizzle, and it makes your shower completely worthless.

The weather is great for other stuff of course, bbq's, getting out, and generally enjoying summer, but flippin'eck, couldn't the great master of heat just turn the switch a tad lower after hours, trying to get to sleep is another story altogether, although I have to say alcohol seems to be the best way of having a good sleep ha ha!

Then when you get up in the morning, yes, it's still hot!

Back through the ritual of shower, shave, and.... err what's that last one again? You get my drift, but the point is as soon as you are out of that shower again, it's back to those hot body temperatures again, and even worse as you start to put your work gear on!

Heading in to work is crap at the best of times, where only the promise of being paid pretty much keeps you going, but the hot weather seems to make me want to get into work a little more, only to experience the nice cold air conditioning mind - no other reason.

So, after this little rant - which I'm making sat here in shorts and pretty much nothing else - okay, maybe that's a little bit too much information given there - but I for one will be happier when the temperatures return to something a little more normal than this.

Of course, come that time, I'll be moaning that the weather is crap again, and not hot enough!!!

The weather cannot just win!